Volutourism – Volunteer Opportunities


Volutourism – Volunteer Opportunities

Volutourism – Volunteer Opportunities

A Good Time Doing Good

Voluntourism is the perfect way to explore the world in a meaningful way. Voluntours spend their extra time rebuilding houses on the ravaged east African and Congo. Not wanting the privileged treatment, they typically receive, and live in homes of hosts within the community with other volunteers. They woke before sunrise to make breakfast and worked long days gutting houses, hauling trash, hammering sheet rock, painting walls and more. Happily, exhausted, they crawl early into sleeping bags on bunks to rest up for the next day’s labor.


These performers can afford any spa or white sand beach in the world. The young, wide-eyed, soap opera starlet standing next to the locals for a group photo said, “I had no idea how things still are down here. This has been the best week of my life.”

A dominant reason why thousands of such volunteers come and continue to come is to serve and adventure. Many of these Good Samaritans belong to a phenomenon being dubbed “voluntourism”— people of all sorts using their vacations and breaks to help those in need. Just as corporations have discovered they can do well by doing good, people are discovering the excitement and satisfaction of using time off to serve others.

Volunteering here on vacation has multiple benefits. It contributes immeasurable good to the communities. Voluntourism also blesses the ones who give. Those pitching in treasure the value of helping people restore their devastated lives. Voluntourists also get the special satisfaction of teaming up with and learning from the other, diverse volunteers. Lasting friendships spring up. Voluntourists also have a blast. Doing good not only is good, it makes for a good time. Now that’s the perfect!

Families reap special benefits from volunteering while vacationing. Children learn valuable lessons. The family bonds in unique and powerful ways. Though it will bring plenty of them, helping in Africa will make for more than the usual family vacation’s pleasant impressions and memories. It will make family history. After all, volunteers here are making African history.

Numerous agencies, institutions and charities need a steady stream of muscle, skills and good hearts to help bring back this great American city. The list below will get people started on the best fit for them. The work varies, but most volunteers will be preserving and restoring homes and businesses.

Volunteer Travel – the Best way to Travel

Volutourism – Volunteer Opportunities

Travel with a community of like-minded volunteers: We provide volunteers opportunities in East and Central Africa each year. You’ll have a community of other travelers built right into your time abroad.

Travel with the support of local staff: Our local community members who form part of the team, will meet you when you arrive, help you settle in, introduce you to other volunteers, arrange a worthwhile work placement for you, help you make travel arrangements, and more. Most importantly, they are available anytime you need them.

Travel without being a tourist: Live with a host family, eat local food, and take local transportation. Truly experience the community life where you are placed to volunteer and travel in.

Travel with a purpose: Don’t just be an observer. Be part of an ongoing volunteer and internship work. You’ll have a truly useful role while you explore and you’ll be traveling through the structure of volunteer work.

Explore through Volunteer Travel

A volunteer travel program allows you to completely immerse yourself in a different environment and culture. You will gain a deeper understanding of the world in a way that isn’t possible through ordinary travel.

While any of our programs will give you the opportunity to travel the world and give back, here are some options that are particularly good for volunteer travel:

Volunteer Opportunities
  •  Ministry and Teaching projects – Work in orphanages, care centers, local community church, kindergartens and special needs clinics– all of which are understaffed and lack resources. You can also spend your time teaching English to local children.
  • Environmental Conservation  – Live and work in the heart of the Africa, riding with the big cat in the Serengeti, hob-knob with the gorillas and the chimpanzees in their natural habitation, preserve and enhance biodiversity in the beaches and more.
  • Culture and Community projects  – These may be some of the best programs for volunteer travelers. Get a taste of true adventure by living with a nomadic family in Turkana or Karamoja. Learn more about traditional Buganda culture in Uganda, the genocide memorial in Rwanda, or Maasai Culture in Tanzania. Live in a village community the foots of mountain Elgon and Rwenzori Mountain.


Community-tourism-5Develop a truly intercultural understanding during your travels. No matter what you choose to do, by the time your project has finished, you’ll realize that you’ve gain much more than you could have as an ordinary traveler. You’ll come away with a greater understanding of the culture, friends all over the world, and travel memories that will keep you on the path of exploration.


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