Lake Nakuru National Park, Nakuru, Kenya

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Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya, East Africa There are two lodges located within the boundary of Lake Nakuru National Park. Lake Nakuru Lodge, located in the south-east of the park, has 136 beds and is a popular stop for tour operators with their hungry visitors. They offer an excellent buffet lunch service. The Sarova Lion Hill Lodge, with 170 beds offers similar excellent service and is located near the eastern 'shore of the lake. New kid on the block is the luxurious Mbweha Tented Camp, a first of its kind in lake Nakuru.
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General Information on Lake Nakuru National Park
Lake Nakuru is a very shallow strongly alkaline lake 62 km2 in extent. It is set in a picturesque landscape of surrounding woodland and grassland next to Town of Nakuru. The landscape includes areas of marsh and grasslands alternating with rocky cliffs and outcrops, stretches of acacia woodland and rocky hillsides covered with a Euphorbia forest on the eastern perimeter.

Lake Nakuru offers one of the world’s most spectacular wildlife sights, that of brilliant pink flamingos as far as the eye can see. When conditions are right, between one and two million lesser and greater flamingos feed around the shores of the shallow soda lake, together with tens of thousands of other birds. The best place to view the birds is from Baboon Cliff, where you can look out over the dazzling fringe of pink around the lake’s shores.

But flamingos are not the only birdlife found at Lake Nakuru, pelicans and cormorants are also in abundance. In fact, Lake Nakuru boasts over 400 species of birds, some of the greatest variety in the country.

The Park itself surrounds the Lake entirely and has recently been expanded to provide a sanctuary for black rhino. This step has required the erection of a large fence around the perimetre of the park to prevent poachers from entering the park.

How To Get To Lake Nakuru National Park
Nakuru town is roughly 170 kms north-west of Nairobi along the A104. Nakuru is the fourth largest town in Kenya, and can be esily accessed by bus from Nairobi and points in western Kenya. Walking is not permitted in the park and leaving ones vehicle is only permitted at select points (such as by the lakeside or at the baboon cliffs), so a vehicle is absolutely Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya, East Africa
necessary for visiting the park. The most common point of access to the park is via Main Gate located just 4 kms south of Nakuru town centre. From Kenyatta Avenue, go down Moi Road and turn left onto Stadium Road, and continue through the suburbs to the park boundary and main gate.

Travellers approaching Nakuru from Nairobi can opt to enter the park through Lanet Gate on the approach to Nakuru town. The signposts from the A104 to Lanet Gate are not good. Simply turn left at the only sign mentioning Lanet Gate and then turn quickly right onto a dirt road that runs parallel to the A104 for 100 metres or so. This road will take you directly to the Lanet entrance. Nderit Gate, near Lake Nakuru Lodge on the eastern side of the Lake, is also also seldom used though some private vehicles and tour operators enter and exit through this route. Access through Nderit Gate is quickest for visitors arriving from Lake Elmenteita or those coming from Masaai Mara via Mau Narok.

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